The Top 5 Reasons Every Business Should Have a Professionally Curated Website

Even the most unsavvy people can tell a good website from a bad one. Whether your business was just born, is still developing or has been live for some time, your website should be at the forefront of your mind. Like your front door, visitors are going to make initial judgments on what they see before they even enter your foyer. A well-built website gains the trust you need to retain a loyal audience — and that’s where the professionals come in.


1. Mobile Responsiveness

Need to look something up? Want to do some quick shopping? Need to place an order?

Now what device are you most likely to use?  Most people access sites through platforms like Facebook and Google via their phone. Since digital marketing is the most responsive/popular form of advertising, having your website mobile and user-friendly is everything these days. Without the ability to create an engaging mobile experience for your visitors the more likely your mom is going to be your only audience member.


2. Maintenance

Websites are living things that need constant maintenance to make sure everything runs smoothly. At FISHWINK, we maintain all of our websites after we build them to ensure everything is working correctly at all times. We make necessary content changes so all of the information is up-to-date and we gather and analyze Google Analytics reports to verify that the client is getting their specific demographic to the site.


3. Well-aligned Marketing Goals

We make websites that align with our clients’ marketing goals here at FISHWINK. With conversion goals in mind (whether it be selling a product or obtaining leads), we can tailor sites that encourage customers to fall through a client’s sale funnel and stick the landing. A properly developed website will both improve Key Performance Indicators and create a fluid customer experience.


4. Clean Design

Busy menus overcomplicate a customer’s experience. A mindful menu structure is a key aspect of a successful website. We work with clients to determine their goals to optimize their menu. Everyone navigates a site differently so we give the viewer different ways to get where they need to go by adding engaging Call-To-Actions to pages throughout the website. Professional graphic designers (in conjunction with website developers) who have an eye for what’s modern and simplistic are another great advantage of creating clean designs.


5. Customization

Websites built off of DIY website builders, like Wix, are only limited to what the template allows. With a professionally built website, a developer can build a site to your exact specifications — from the placement of a form to animated graphics. Plugins and 3rd party applications sometimes need to be manually coded into the site to work properly so you should consider having it done by a professional.


The value of a professionally built website and the benefits it will bring to your business is one of the strongest driving forces to your success and individuality as a company. So when your front door needs just the right welcome mat for getting people in the door, remember the benefits of a professionally curated website and contact a digital marketing agency today!